We firmly believe that it is time for the Power and Control of what we know as centralized finance to shift towards decentralization, where each individual will have the power to decide what strategy, protocol or where to add their cryptocurrencies, tokens, liquidity or assets… to get a return on them. 

Klandestino is a movement born from a group of people who want to defend privacy and anonymity in the crypto world


DeFI is continuously evolving, according to data, users prefer to put their trust in decentralized platforms instead of centralized exchanges and dapps that pose challenges such as security and hacking. DeFl is the fastest growing industry in Blockchain and we are just at the beginning, that’s why we came up with the brilliant idea to promote Privacy, even more, within the blockchain network.


Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin as a result of the economic crisis of 2008 and the entire crypto community in the world must join forces to continue with the decentralization that began with Bitcoin and is currently lost when going through centralized platforms or exchanges, which need information about you to access, data, emails, passwords … From the privacy of the DEFI, it highlights the use of private keys, private and public keys, with which we are each as a user, those responsible for our security and privacy.


The technological world is moving towards a huge cryptographic dimension, full of Smart Contracts and computer codes that form the DAO. We must protect our cryptos or assets, and privacy will play a fundamental role in this almost immediate future, in which the power of decentralization of secure, anonymous and private transactions will be key.

Klandestino and its Klan token are creating an ecosystem and community based on those principles of anonymity and privacy in the crypto world. We will try to leverage our support in foundations, protocols or projects that work on privacy and anonymity, such as ZK protocols, Mimblewimble among others, and Blockchain that contain these fundamentals, without traceability.

Our Mission

Our ultimate mission is for Klan holders, among other governance utilities, to have a migration or bridge to a Blockchain that strengthens these values.

If you don't have your keys, they are not your cryptos

Always keep your passwords safe. They are the keys to your finances.

From MasterClass Defi we will give you guidelines and tips to have a healthier DEFI experience.

Let’s spread this message to everyone. Let us be our own bank, without anyone controlling what you should or should not do with your assets.



  • KlandestinoSwap is released: DEX, Swap, Liquidity, Stake, Loan and other functionalities will be on Tesnet and released to mainnet.
  • MasterClass Defi and other new features will be unveiled.


  • Expansion of Dex and updates
  • NFT market place
  • Monthly release of Klandestino Band 3D figures.


  • Restructuring with developers and founders towards our goal in protocol and private networks.
  • Reorganization of RoadMap, WhitePaper and necessary updates in Smart and project in general for the right decision and completion of Klandestino Finance mission.


  • Klan token functionality on private chain, with built-in Mimblewimble, wallets and other anonymity and privacy functionalities.

We will conclude the migration on private chain, possibly Beam among other alternatives, keeping both versions of Red, but starting the new Defi era in protocols where privacy and anonymity will reach an extreme level, being the user and the holders of the Klan token, those who decide the best option for their decentralized finances.

Klandestino Band

Klandestino Finance is made up of the Klandestino Band, founders and collaborators of the great Klandestino Crypto-Movement

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